In Loving Memory of . . .

Bryan D. Lusk

January 24, 1976


February 5, 2007


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                    November 29, 2007

Dusty I don't know what to say. I will never have any other nephews and even if I had, I couldnít have been prouder of anyone, than I was with you and Bryan. I remember the Peewee basket ball games, the soccer practices and games. Yea even when you two spray painted your house, the baby setter ether fell asleep or you two  drove her off (canít remember which). I can still see Bryan in Tariís living room some years back and after a nice conversation when I was leaving he said ďit is really good to see you Uncle DavidĒ. Let me tell you that it brought a tear to my eyes then, as it does now. I know what it is to lose a brother and I think about him almost daily. Just as Iím sure that you think about Bryan. Please know that it does get better, and somehow we become stronger. I wish you and your family the best and I pray the whole family can begin to heal.
Uncle David

   David Sears (Elizabeth, CO)

   October 16, 2007
Bryan, you were a great and friendly guy to all whom you met. I still remember your great skateboarding style and the days at Jamaica Jims. I was shocked to hear of your sudden passing but hope that your spirit and energy pass into the next plane and are drifting somewhere up high in the Rockies in a secret snowboarding spot.
   Ted Dillon (Littleton, CO)

   September 30, 2007
Bryan,I will always remember your kind Heart. You are an amazing friend. Your kind spirit I will never forget.
   Steve Oman (Chicago, IL)

   June 17, 2007
Bryan was a great dad to me. I had so much fun with him and had a great time getting to know all his friends. I will miss him. I want to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me throughout this sad time.:)
   Autumn Rose (Bailey, CO)

   April 13, 2007
Brian, Your time here was cut too short. I am glad we have the memories that we do have but will always wish for many more. All of my love,
   (Denver, CO)

   April 3, 2007
B I will always love you and miss you.
   Sarah Groves (Albuquerque, NM)

   April 1, 2007
Bryan you will be missed by all.I'm going to miss hanging out with you.I wish I would have seen you more, but you will always be in my thoughts.Love you forever.
   Troy clinefelter (denver, CO)

   March 25, 2007
You will be greatly missed bro. You were an awsome friend, I wish we could have hung out more often. You're light will shine bright in the sky. Big love, Brenner
   Brian Brenner (Littleton, CO)

   March 21, 2007
Bryan, Thanks for making us feel so welcome when we first arrived in the US. You will always be remembered for introducing us to 'corn on the grill', the importance of powder days and of your devotion to Autumn. Love, Harriet & Mike (The Brits)
   Harriet Watkin (Denver, CO)

   March 20, 2007
Bryan I miss you terribly and I will always remember you.You were a great friend and I love you very much.I will always remember the good times we had.I love Autumn and she is like a sister to me. I miss you.
   Ashlee Fausz (denver, CO)

   March 20, 2007

   March 19, 2007
Bryan, I will never forget the many great times we had, all that we shared and all that we've been through. I'll miss the summer nights at little house and the winter nights at loveland and I'm sorry we wont share watching Ashlee and Autumn grow up together. I miss you brother and will always love ya!
   Andy Fausz (Denver, CO)

   March 14, 2007
There were always good times,smiles and laughs to be had when Bryan was around. What'd you say mumbles? I can hear him now. Ride on....miss ya. Peace brother
   smitty (Littleton, CO)

   March 12, 2007
Bryan! I will always remember your sweet laugh and memorable voice. You have brought many great times to my life, thank you for that!
   Ivy Newberg (Puerto Rico)

   March 12, 2007
I will never forget all the fun times we had and all stuff we went through in all the years I knew you. Iím just glad I had a chance to know you. You were a dedicated true friend who I knew would always have my back if I ever needed it. You will never be forgotten bro...
   Corey T (Seattle, WA)

   March 11, 2007
Brian always seemed to be in a good mood and he had one of those smiles that was very sincere and even if you were in a bad mood, being around Brian would make you feel better. One of those dudes you're always happy to see, and he's always happy to see you. Even though I know he's gone I still keep thinking I see him and it makes my heart drop to know I'll never see him again. I'll miss you and Denver will miss you homey. I love ya.
   Jeramiah Clark (Denver, CO)

   March 8, 2007
Bryan- You were a wonderful friend who cared deeply for those around you. Thank you for the smiles and laughs and for always looking out for me.
   Katherine Lyons (Denver, CO)

   March 7, 2007
Rest in peace Bryan. Although you are gone, your memory lives on and you will not be forgotten.
   Mike Lyons (Denver, CO)

   March 7, 2007
Bryan, You were and always will be one of my best friends. We never had a falling out(no matter how stubborn I can be!). I could count on you like a brother. You made me laugh more than anyone else. You were a wonderful father. A few weeks ago, when I asked about Autumn, you pulled out her picture and the smile I saw is with me today. You will never be replaced in my heart. You were one of the only ones who "got" me. Thank You for the memories! :)--Lala
P.s. Wu tang WHAT??
   Ola Stockhold (Denver, CO)

   March 7, 2007
Everytime I had a big show, or something that was important to me, I could always count on Bryan to make it important to him as well. We hung out a lot, and laughed a lot. Through Bryan, I met a lot of his friends, and in return they became my friends. My life is forever enriched.
   TuWayne Foster and Andrea Beard (Castle Rock, CO)

   March 7, 2007
Going to miss your Bryan. You were a good guy. Your life ended way too early. But you are now in a better place. RIP.
   Andrew Mills (Castle Rock, CO)

   March 7, 2007
Bryan, I will always love you. A piece of my heart will belong to you forever. This July 4th would have been 10 years. Your tragic death has affected so many lives, however it is your life and the tremendous affect that you have had on others that I want to remember. I will do this by keeping in touch with your family and especially Autumn. She is a very special person who is kind-hearted and outgoing and just like you, is able to bring people together and bring out the best in a person. Bryan, thank you for everything you saw in me throughout the years, my life will never be the same without you. Much love forever, Michelle.
   Michelle Mills (Denver, CO)

   March 6, 2007
The laughing Lusk. Up for anything, anytime, anywhere. I'll miss the Broncos games and the early mornings in Breck. I'll keep eating the Saltine sandwiches at mountaintop, but I'll NEVER be able to eat chili on Tiger road without laughing out loud. I miss you, Bryan. I miss every minute of it.
   John Lyons (Denver, CO)

   March 6, 2007
Bryan I will miss you buddy.
   ben thompson (denver, CO)

   March 6, 2007
bryan lusk was always a fun guy to be around. he had a great smile, which always made me do the same. i always respected lusk because he was just a cool guy to everyone he met, even my sister, and he could do a good ollie impossible. a lot of days skateboarding, a lot of days snowboarding, a lot of just hanging out, a lot of really good times. i miss you lusk. everyone misses you. we always will. peace be with you my brother.
   chris moore (santa monica, CA)

   March 6, 2007
You were a great and loving friend. Your time here was too short. You'll forever be a part of me. I love ya bro...I miss ya!!!
   Curt Reefe (Littleton, CO)

   March 5, 2007
Bryan, after all the times we talked about Autumn and Halie meeting I am sad that this tragedy is what finally put them in the same room. I am deeply sorry for the loss everyone has had to endure. You were a caring friend and I will miss you. Love you!
   AJ Boehm (Littleton, CO)

   February 27, 2007
Bryan was my best friend. I am truly lost without him. I will never again find a friend that offered the friendship that Bryan reciprocated unconditionally. He was caring, giving, gentle, compassionate, I could go on and on about how great a person he was, but everyone who knew him, knew this, even those who knew him only as an acquaintance. I will live the rest of my life not understanding why he is not here in person to share my wedding and college graduation, Autumnís first boyfriend and kiss, and her high school graduation and all the many more joys and sorrows that life brings to us. I love Bryan with all my heart and to his family I offer only my deepest sympathies and prayers. I love all of you and want you to know that Bryan will walk with us through life watching over us as our guardian angel.
   Carrie & Simon (Denver, CO)

   February 20, 2007
Bry - I will forever treasure all the wonderful memories we shared. Flying off into thigh high bumps at Vail, your mayo fingers after night riding the pass, and especially your kind and gentle smile. You taught me how to laugh at myself and not take life so seriously. You were a dedicated father, reliable friend, and a caring soul. You have touched so many lives here and I hope to meet again someday. ONE LOVE
   Aimee Lacouture (Englewood, CO)

   February 19, 2007
Bryan, You were a great friend and always had good news for me. Thank you for your support in my time of need. I will miss you very much. Now you have the peace that I knew you needed so desperately. I love you. I know you will always be with all of us!
   Kelly and Magnolia Kendall (Denver, CO)

   February 18, 2007
I will cheerish all the good & bad times I shared with Bryan. From the moment I met Bryan I new he had changed my life & now that he has left it too will never be the same! I will forever miss & love him!
   Amelia D Salazar (Litttleton, CO)

   February 16, 2007
Brian would always come greet me with a big smile and a hug that was almost to much to endure. To see all the people that had come to pay there respects, I realized that Brian had hugged many, many people in his life with the same power and love. We are all going to miss his smiling face and warm friendship. You always said you loved me Brian, Well I love you too man. And I'm gonna miss you.
   J Cotton (Denver, CO)

   February 15, 2007
Words cannot express how much i appreciated Brain. He was awsome, funny, loving, and every time we parted, he'd give me a hug, an expression not practiced enough anymore. He never had expectations for people, he loved his friends no matter their flaws. To his parents, i want to say thank you for allowing me to stay at the hospital with you, it was an expeierence i will never forget and i would have never forgave myself if i hadnt gone. Brian, we all love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Thanks for being a part of my life.
   Alexandra Rice (Denver, CO)

   February 15, 2007
My deepest sympathies to Autum and the entire Lusk Family. You can rest assured that he loved you all dearly and was also loved dearly. Thank you for such a wonderful service and giving us a special friend. Although he left us before what we all might have thought was his time, we must look at how this has brought us together and changed our lives, both goood and bad. Thank you always and I sincerely hope we all carry on the legacy of love, warmth, acceptance and laughter Bryan had brought to us. Best wishes and take care.
   Emily Reber (Denver, CO)

   February 14, 2007
Bryan's parting is a shock, he had such a great love of life, and of his friends. He was an great friend to me, he forced open doors which have had a great influence on my life. He was an inspiration to me. rest in peace buddy.
   Brett Forte (Fort Worth, TX)

   February 13, 2007
Brian was one of my closest friends, he was a great friend and a terrific father, we already miss him dearly!

Abe Suter & Marisa Sandoval
   Marisa Sandoval (Westminster, CO)

   February 12, 2007
We can barely express how much we will miss Bryan. Just knowing that such an amazing guy was in this world was a blessing. He was a wonderful dad & all around good person. Our thoughts, love & prayers go out to everyone whose lives he touched & who all will miss him dearly.
   Joyce & Chuck Knutsen (Denver, CO)

   February 12, 2007
My condolences to your entire family. I have some great memories snowboarding with Bryan in the mid /late 90's at Loveland. My family and I will add yours to our prayers. Bryan will be missed!
   todd hahn (carlsbad, CA)

   February 12, 2007
While I only knew Bryan for a short time I found that he was an amazingly caring person, he could always make you laugh and he was so much fun to be around. He will be missed!
   Angela Kohler (Ansbach, Germany)

   February 12, 2007
To Bryan's Family and Friends-

Our deepest condolences go out to each of you. How truly blessed we are to have had our lives touched by Bryan. May we all find peace in knowing that Bryan will continue to live with us in memory and will for evermore. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
   (Littleton, CO)

   February 12, 2007
Bryan will forever be missed by anyone who was lucky enough to have had him be a part of their lives. Rest in Peace Byran Lusk...
   Jimmy LaCasse (Denver, CO)

   February 12, 2007
I will always remember Bryan as a great person who always made his friends laugh & smile! It's been too long since I last saw Bryan- but I will never forget the great times we shared as kids! My heart goes out to his family and friends! Rest in peace my friend!!
   Kyle Cook (Denver, CO)

   February 11, 2007
Cherri and Bill,
My heart is filled with sorrow for your great loss. I am praying for you to find comfort. Treasure his legacy filled with memories of a young life but well lived.
   Mary Cosepalmer (Jackson)

   February 10, 2007
Bill & Cherri
Words cannot express how we feel over the loss of Bryan. We will always treasure the memories we have of Bryan. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you always. We Love You!
Jim, Carol, Steven, Melissa & Michael King
   Jim & Carol King (Loveland, CO)

   February 10, 2007
Bryan and I were high school friends. He was always a great guy to be around. He will be missed
   Kacie Oliver (Maier) (Glenwood Springs, CO)

   February 10, 2007
I will miss Bryan very much. He was a wonderful man and a great father.
   Traci Lyons (Denver, CO)

   February 10, 2007
Dear Bill and Cherri,
Words cannot express how sorry we are for the loss of Bryan. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Love, Ron and Robyn
   Robyn Soules (Saratoga Springs, UT)